KW Pet Expo Volunteer

Be part of our Superhero team and volunteer for the KW Pet Expo.

Interested in being around furry friends? There are many ways you can volunteer with us for this community event. We are always looking for people with various backgrounds, talents and skill levels. Volunteers will have a unique opportunity to participate in an exciting environment with two and four legged friends alike.

We have different categories you can select from depending on your interests, talents and time. The categories are listed in this downloadable PDF.

If you are interested in building your portfolio and have more hours to volunteer, we have the following positions available:

  1. Stage Manager: The responsibility of this position is assist presenters in the pet talk seminars, the pet costume contest and wiener dog race.
  2. Volunteer Coordinator: Assist with recruiting and managing volunteers.

To learn more about these positions, please fill out the form below and we would be happy to contact you.