Pet Talk Seminars

A series of informational seminars will be held at our Ren's Main Stage.  Each presentation will be approximately 20 minutes followed by Q&A.



Jessica, Croezen, CTB.ccs, Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Therapist -  Impressive Canines

"Seeing Training Through Your Dogs Eyes" - This Pet Talk will be interactive, so anyone with their dogs present will get a chance to try out some new exercises to strengthen their bond and connection.

Presentaton Times: Saturday 11:55am - 12:25pm  |  Sunday  1:15pm - 1:45pm

"Tips and Tricks" - Join us and learn how to teach your pet some basic tricks such as shake-a-paw, wave, crawl and bow. You will also be given the opportunity to work together in learning how to shape things such as weave poles in agility. Bring your dog and work together at this interactive presentation.

Presentation Time:  Sunday  11:15am - 11:40am

For more information, Impressive Canines is located at Booth 305.

Anne Ramsoomair, B.Sc. Biology, MBA, St. John Ambulance Kitchener-Waterloo Branch

"Pet First-Aid" - Attention pet owners, walkers, groomers, sitters, fosters and rescue people.  Did you know that first aid skills and knowledge can save your pet’s life in case of illness or injury? Through Anne's presentation, you will learn resuscitation techniques like CPR and choking. It is also important to prevent your pet from becoming seriously sick or injured. This includes tips on pet proofing your home.

Presentation Times:  Saturday 1:30pm - 2pm  |  Sunday 2:30pm - 3pm

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