For Exhibitors

Benefits of Being an Exhibitor at the KW Pet Expo


1.  Increase Company and Brand Awareness

Consumer shows are a beneficial way to raise awareness of your product or service and improve company recognition. It is the perfect venue to test and launch new products with instant feedback to your target audience.

2.  Generate New Customers

Engage with new customers face-to-face and connect with many pet buyers all under one roof with a ready-to-buy attitude within a short time.

3.  Build Partnerships

Often exhibitors will exhibit to strengthen industry relationships or partnerships. The benefit of being at a consumer show goes beyond the value of new prospects. It is where an industry gathers and provides you an opportunity to build new alliances.

4.  See Existing Clients

It can be difficult to see your clients face-to-face on a regular basis. Being an exhibitor is a perfect opportunity to communicate with them in a unique environment.

5.  Network with Other Vendors

Participating at the KW Pet Expo will position you to form and maintain trusting relationships within your industry. It is an environment where you can support each other, share ideas and receive advice from experienced peers at no cost! It is a place to expand your contacts and gain knowledge of industry trends.

6.  Competition

It is important to be where your competition is in order to protect your existing client relationships. You need to be present in key shows to keep top of mind with customers and to be an expert when they are looking for solutions. It is also an easy way to see what your competition is doing in order to position your company.

7.  Cost-Effective Marketing

Generating sales and leads can be costly. Consumer shows are an important marketing tool to reach a huge target market all at once.

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