CKC – Canine Good Neighbour Program

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CKC - Canine Good Neighbour Program

Hosted by: KW Kennel Club

Get your dog good neighbor certified at KW Pet Expo.  No appointment required.

COST: $20 for the CGN Certificate from the Canadian Kennel Club

TRIAL COST: $5 - Not sure your dog is ready to test his skills? The evaluator will give your canine friend a trial assessment. If passed, the $5 will be applied towards the $20 cost of full evaluation.

The Canine Good Neighbour Program is a non-competitive 12-step test for dogs and their owners to work together to complete. Successfully completing the test will demonstrate confidence, control and a strong relationship between dog and owner. Owners will also receive a CGN Certificate from the Canadian Kennel Club sent to them by mail if the test is passed.

Dogs will be evaluated on their ability to perform basic exercises and demonstrate good manners. To better prepare for the test check out the CGN-12-Steps required to pass. You can also take a look at the CGN Participant Handbook for more preparation.

Show attendees will have the opportunity to register for the Canine Good Neighbour Test and take the 20 minute evaluation at the KW Pet Expo.

For more information please visit the Canadian Kennel Club’s website.