Bring your Pet


As a visitor at the KW Pet Expo, we want you to have a positive experience attending this event. You will have an opportunity to bring one leashed pet, per adult, provided a few simple rules are followed and a pet waiver form signed for each pet. Below are some tips to help you and other guests have an awesome day at the show:

 1.  As a responsible pet owner, you know your pet best. Please only bring your pet if it is non-aggressive, well-behaved and is comfortable in social settings.

2.  Even if your dog is the friendliest dog on the planet and means no harm, a confrontational situation can develop within seconds. Please teach children the necessary steps to approach a dog. Always ask pet parents for permission before approaching any animal. If they say it is okay, greet the dog with your arm out in front of you and your hand in a fist and low so the dog can smell it. If he turns away, leave it be. If he leans in, you've been given the green light but proceed slowly. When you pet the dog, you can pet them on the chest, chin or back (not on the top of their head), and speak calmly and move slowly. Children should avoid staring at unfamiliar dogs and use their peripheral vision. They are more likely to make friends if they present their side to the dog instead of head on. Practice at home so that your children are prepared when they want to pet a dog they don't know.

3.  Your pet must be current on all age-appropriate rabies and distemper vaccinations.

4.  Your pet must be on a flat leash that does not exceed four feet in length. A flat leash is preferred over a retractable leash.

5.  If you have a small dog, you may want to be prepared to either carry it or have a stroller available. There are many large dogs at the show and some small pet owners may feel overwhelmed that their pet may unintentionally get stepped on.

6.  There will be a designated pet-potty area outside and bags will be available to pick-up your pet's waste. There will be paper towels, spray bottle cleansers and garbage cans spread throughout the show. Please be kind enough to pick-up after your pet.

7.  Any and all reptiles, arachnids, or terrarium dwelling pets must be confined at all times.

You can speed-up entrance to the expo by printing and bringing with you a signed copy of the Pet Waiver Form.

Click to download Pet Waiver Form 2021

With a few rules in place, we can all have a memorable, safe experience at the KW Pet Expo.